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Oh man, a whole month without a post!  Apologies– too much going on in my life this April, plus two conferences in a row to go to and the end of the semester just made it impossible to put anything together.  I hope it will not happen again.  I’ve got lots of things I want to get to on here, given time.

My poem “A Rainy Day in May” is up at Everyday Poets today–particularly appropriate for this overcast May day that we are having in NorCal right now.  Take a gander if you are interested. Don’t worry, it’s not a gross kissy-poem this time.  ;P

Incidentally, what with the rotten academic market, I am uncertain at the moment whether I will have a full-time teaching position next year– depends on how my current applications go.  Should I end up on part- or -no-time academic work, I’m hoping (in addition to working on a chapter and some articles for the academic market) to put more time into my creative work, from poetry, to art, to my novel– and hopefully a children’s book based on a translation from a Medieval text.  Not sure whether I will do the art as well (or even if I’ll have time for the project at all), but if you’d like to see more of any of these things, I’d appreciate your support!  For now you can buy stuff from my DeviantArt page, but more options to come, hopefully–and of course, feel free to let others know about the site.  🙂  Meanwhile, here are some sketches for my potential children’s book–not sure what style I’ll do, but I just wanted to get my fingers back in shape after not drawing anything for a couple of months.

Just playing around for now–I’m a bit rusty. And I don’t think I’ve ever tried to draw a bear before, except for Bamse knock-offs.

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