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Grim Bunny 11

TGB # 11 is here! For the delight and exercise of your imagination. Next time there will hopefully be a bonus pic or two as well–meant to post them today, but the photos didn’t turn out. 😦

Because work is crazy for me right now, and because I’d like to find some time to turn some of these pics into cards, stickers, t-shirts, and other stuff, I think I’m going to have TGB run in series of 12–so next week will be the last of this series, but hopefully (especially if you SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND MAKE THEM FANS) I will be back to continue with another series of 12. Plus, I should really be putting up more Viking-related blog posts on this site…

TGB archives are here and here! Original tumblr post for this entry is here!

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Grim Bunny 9


The Grim Bunny 9! We’re on a roll I guess. What’s after TGB this time? Or are we even maybe a bit confused about who is after whom? Let me know! Or keep your speculations to yourself, just be sure to LIKE and SHARE with all your friends and enemies and everyone in between!

I got a bit frustrated with this one, I guess because the concept I had was a bit ambitious–I am not sure it came out as legible as I’d like, but since this is more of a “sketch blog” caliber webcomic than a “super duper professional” webcomic I decided to work on it a bit with some white water color, and then cleaned things up a tiny bit in photoshop. You can see the watercolor work a bit more clearly in the second image.

Original tumblr post is here, and the archives are here and wordpress and here on deviantart! Be sure to check out my Redbubble store as well, and let me know if you have a special favorite of TGB’s pics that you would like turned into a print, tshirt, or whatever!

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Grim Bunny 8 Blurry and Edited

The Grim Bunny #8 is here! Um… what’s up doc? OK, never mind. What is happening now!?!?! Another precarious position for TGB! Redwoods this time, because 8 is my favorite number and redwoods are my favorite tree….but OK, I didn’t quite get the redwood-effect I wanted, and yeah, took the photo REALLY late tonight (couldn’t get to this till after dark), so it is super grainy–but I will try to replace it with a better photo eventually. Gotta run now, because THINGS ARE TOO BUSY, but check out TGB archives here and here, and the tumblr post here! TGB merchandise will follow one day… but not yet, because I’ve got too much to do. 😦

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Grim Bunny 7

The Grim Bunny #7! Still enjoying this, so I hope you are too! Like and share (especially share!), and if you feel especially caught up in TGB’s adventures, you tell me your version of TGB’s story! All ages welcome! (so keep it clean…)

I’m hoping to eventually turn one or two of my favorite pics into prints/clothes/etc at my Redbubble store (or maybe through etsy or something like that eventually)–there has been a tiny bit of murmury approval about that from my friends, but I want to have a bit more of an audience before I give that a try, so SHARE SHARE SHARE! Well, plus I’m pretty busy with this translation job at the moment (which is why most of my blog posts have been short and shallow like this), so it may just have to wait till I have time to convert the photos into something a bit sharper and printable (meanwhile, buy my Viking Valentine cards!)

I’ve also got TGB up on my sketch blog, as well as my archive here and my archive at DA! No need to “read” TGB in order, but you can if you want!

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Grim Bunny 4

The Grim Bunny on the run! You know the game–what is TGB up to? Who IS TGB? Villain, hero, antihero, victim? Male, female, otherwise? Is it morning or evening, or are there just really strong spotlights off beyond the upper right corner? Participate if you’d like, otherwise sit back and enjoy the show! It was fun drawing things from this perspective–not sure I’ve ever done that before. I hope it turned out alright!

Remember, you can also follow the adventures of TGB on my tumblr and deviantart!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve had a viking or book related post–will hopefully remedy that soon, but lately I’ve been swamped with this translation project that I’m doing (I need to finish the first two chapters–90 pages–before I get my first pay check). That said… it’s pretty fun work! When I’m not stuck on a super obscure philosophical term.

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Grim Bunny 3 final

Just a quick addition to my Grim Bunny Series–check it out on tumblr or deviantart as well, or just check it out here, and tell me what you you can imagine about TGB! This entry is a bit sloppy, so you may notice some bits I cleaned up in photoshop… apologies to the purists. Pics 1 & 2 are here.

And I’m super sick right now, so I’m going to leave it at that and sign off. Will try to get to some other non-bunny blog posts in the near future as well, but my translation job is slowly getting into high gear now, and don’t have too much time apart from it (when I am well enough to do the work, anyway…)

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