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A Frozen Tale from Sinclair & Hill on Vimeo.


Super cool photo shoot at the Swedish castle Skokloster! Awesome stuff for those of you into the steampunk or late medieval/early modern aesthetic. You can’t really say it is “untouched” in terms of “abandoned,” as you can go take a tour there (I think I may have…), but I suppose the sense is that no one has lived there in all that time. It is one of many castles in Sweden associated with the royal family, but seeing as the country is the semi-socialist democracy that it is, there are quite a few that are open to the public. There used to be an annual renn-faire type gathering called “Skoklosterspelen” (the Skokloster games), but I guess those ended back in 2007 (so I missed my chance those summers that I studied there–the last time I was in Sweden was the final summer of the games… wow, that’s a long time ago…).

The photo series is also focused on the super interesting scholar-Queen Christina, whom you should definitely learn more about. Maybe one day I’ll put together a blog post more about her… though she is a bit outside my specialty (though not my field), so we’ll have to see.

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