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One of my 2015 Inktober illustrations

I’ve participated, in a weak way, in previous Inktobers, but this was the first time I managed to post something every day of the month, even if I didn’t follow the official list. A few of my pics have been turned up in my other blog posts, but I thought I would just lay out every one of them here, since they are a bit difficult to search through on my tumblr and I didn’t post all of them on DeviantArt. Most of the art I’ve done the past 2 1/2 years has been pen bush sketches, and there are some bits from this month I really don’t like, and no pics I’m entirely satisfied with, but I definitely feel like this month has helped a lot–I don’t know how visible the improvements are to everyone else, but I feel like I know what I’m doing a lot more, and have a better sense for my own particular style.

For the most part these are 1) sketches pertaining to my potential webcomic that I’m playing with, 2) other fantasy/saga/folktale/science fiction pics that are a bit more developed, even if nothing here is polished enough that I’ll be posting it in my store without cleaning it up digitally, and 3) super quick sketches/doodles to make sure I had something for that day. Regarding the latter, this past weekend I was at a conference and could only post doodles from the margins of my conference notes, but I did end up with some extras, so there will be more than 31 pics below. Clicking a pic should link you to one of my original posts either on tumblr or deviantart.

And of course, now that Inktober is over NaNoWriMo is here and I will be cheating by resuming my novel from last year–so we’ll see if I’m as consistent with that as I was with my art…

All that said: Enjoy! 🙂

Very quick set of Inktober sketches for today. Hoping to return to karate after…. um, over a decade, so I guess that was on my mind. Realized afterwards I set her belt way too low (looks like she has a long torso and short legs…), and I don’t think I...

Inktober day 5. Having trouble getting into it today, but I think that’s because I’m more comfortable with characters in landscapes than straight-up character design–or maybe bears are just tough for me, I don’t know. Anyway, it became more just...

Inktober day 6. Super hurried, as I’ve had a full day. Fortunately I’d invented my new patented scribble tree technique, illustrated on the left, while doodling during a course from my health provider just an hour before, so I threw together this 2-4...

Inktober day 9–stomach has been giving me a ton of pain last night and now again tonight (I’ve got a lot of gastro issues…), so this grimace was all I had the wherewithal for. Hm, and I was maybe a bit more generous with my hairline than real-life...

Inktober day 10–another super quick sketch. Stomach still killing me, so nothing polished. Ouch…

Inktober day 11. Super quick profiles. Still not feeling great so very little energy for creating or thinking. :(

Inktober day 13. Too tired for much, but scribbled a different design idea for the mc of my potential comic. I don’t think I’ll actually do the giant jet pack look tho. Away from my scanner, so just a crappy tablet pic this time. Really would like to...

Inktober day 16. Another sloppy-quick sketch. What if I had to work the same way that the scribes whose work I am working on worked? Hm, say that fast five times…
Hopefully will have a more thought-through and polished piece tomorrow. Somehow have to...

Inktober day 17 oh my goodness working so late on this paper but I wanted to get this in and now I need to see if I can submit a poem before the deadline for this magazine closes  (never mind, too last minute and technically that poem is already...

Inktober day 23- very quick sketch after reading a short story by Murakami.

Inktober day 26–up late super stressed about this paper I’m going to present soon, so this is pretty hasty. Some vikings, and a big headed viking guy. Seriously, I don’t know why I drew the torso facing forward, the pose makes his head huge and his...

Inktober day 27–argh, no time for this. Scribbled something out with my MCs for the webcomic idea, but no time to refine or fix anything. I know, bear looks like he is in pieces. Back to scholarizing for me. Hope I will find time for something more...

Inktober day 28. Just a quick scribble as I am scrambling to finish everything before I get together with the other presenters tonight. Then I give a response and a paper tomorrow, and Sunday can relax and just listen to other people’s papers. 🙂 Yay...

Inktober day 29! I did some sketches in my notes, but can apparently not post them all at once with the browser on my phone, so more to follow.

Another conference doodle. But no, doesn’t actually represent Matt’s Bertell, just ended up near his name…

And another conference doodle

Inktober day 30. Again from my doodling during this weekend conference. Will post a few more of today’s doodles shortly.

Another doodle from the conference.

Another conference doodle.

Another conference doodle. I promise I paid attention to everyone’s papers…

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Grim Bunny 12

The Grim Bunny #12! As we reach the end of this series of 12, TGB looks off into the distance, the sky an open canvas, all set for… another series of 12? Maybe! Thanks for those who have followed for these 12 pics (plus a few extras included below), and keep evangelizing for TGB if you want to see more in the future! I may try pursuing a stronger narrative arc next time (assuming I have time for a next time… fingers crossed). For now, in addition to needing to focus on my translation, I’d like to be able to do some non-TGB blog posts, put together some TGB merchandise, and do all sorts of other things.

But don’t despair! You can always visit the Grim Bunny archives at DeviantArt or here on WordPress! Also, feel free to follow me on tumblr, and please consider supporting my creative work by visiting my store either on DeviantArt or Redbubble! TGB merch will one day be available at both–hopefully one or two things relatively soon.

And here are a few more sketches, just for fun!

TGB Bonus Sketch 1 Final

TGB Bonus Sketch 2

TGB Bonus Sketch 3

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Grim Bunny 11

TGB # 11 is here! For the delight and exercise of your imagination. Next time there will hopefully be a bonus pic or two as well–meant to post them today, but the photos didn’t turn out. 😦

Because work is crazy for me right now, and because I’d like to find some time to turn some of these pics into cards, stickers, t-shirts, and other stuff, I think I’m going to have TGB run in series of 12–so next week will be the last of this series, but hopefully (especially if you SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND MAKE THEM FANS) I will be back to continue with another series of 12. Plus, I should really be putting up more Viking-related blog posts on this site…

TGB archives are here and here! Original tumblr post for this entry is here!

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Grim Bunny 9


The Grim Bunny 9! We’re on a roll I guess. What’s after TGB this time? Or are we even maybe a bit confused about who is after whom? Let me know! Or keep your speculations to yourself, just be sure to LIKE and SHARE with all your friends and enemies and everyone in between!

I got a bit frustrated with this one, I guess because the concept I had was a bit ambitious–I am not sure it came out as legible as I’d like, but since this is more of a “sketch blog” caliber webcomic than a “super duper professional” webcomic I decided to work on it a bit with some white water color, and then cleaned things up a tiny bit in photoshop. You can see the watercolor work a bit more clearly in the second image.

Original tumblr post is here, and the archives are here and wordpress and here on deviantart! Be sure to check out my Redbubble store as well, and let me know if you have a special favorite of TGB’s pics that you would like turned into a print, tshirt, or whatever!

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Grim Bunny 8 Blurry and Edited

The Grim Bunny #8 is here! Um… what’s up doc? OK, never mind. What is happening now!?!?! Another precarious position for TGB! Redwoods this time, because 8 is my favorite number and redwoods are my favorite tree….but OK, I didn’t quite get the redwood-effect I wanted, and yeah, took the photo REALLY late tonight (couldn’t get to this till after dark), so it is super grainy–but I will try to replace it with a better photo eventually. Gotta run now, because THINGS ARE TOO BUSY, but check out TGB archives here and here, and the tumblr post here! TGB merchandise will follow one day… but not yet, because I’ve got too much to do. 😦

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Grim Bunny 5

Fifth picture! My favorite so far. I am going to need to start making new sketches soon. The rules remain the same: Tell me who TGB is, what the story is for this picture, even how the pics relate to each other, if you want. But if you don’t care who TGB is, whether TGB is he/she/?, hero/villain, pursued/pursuer, etc, but just enjoy the pics, then be sure to like/share/evangelize! The tumblr version is here, and I also appreciate getting hits on deviantart.

Also, I realize bunnies have dominated this blog lately. Sorry, haven’t had time for anything besides these super quick posts. Right now I’m mostly wearing out my neck/shoulders/back/hands/eyes/brain translating this book on the theology of the body. Fascinating stuff, and I hope to put together a blog post related to it at some point, but for now it’s not leaving much time or energy for other stuff. Will try to carve out a moment for something more in the near future though.

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Late Sun Tomte Fox Dragon copy

The results are in. Spoiler alert: I GOT THIRD!!!  Pretty excited, considering the quality of first and second, and the fact that my entry was more tangentially related to Norse mythology (I didn’t have time to pull together a contest-specific entry, but thought maybe my recent Tomte and Friends Summer Sun pic would be appropriate enough).  Check out the winners for the different age groups (and awesome work by the other age groups!):

Kid Category

Teen Category

Adult Category

Sound like they are already gearing up for a Yule art contest, so get ready! Personally, I think it would be neat if people tried doing art in one of the Viking Age/Medieval Scandinavian styles, so I’ll try to (finally) get around to putting together a nice summary of Viking Age art for you all. Meanwhile, I know that Peter Foote’s The Viking Achievement has a good summary of Viking Age art, but it is out of print. Most larger introductions to the Vikings will probably have something on the art, but find one with pictures so that you understand what they are talking about!

My entry (which I first put up in this post) is part of what seems to be becoming a series, so keep coming back if you want to see the further adventures of Tomte and Friends. I cropped it to a wider size more suited for a mug from DeviantArt–I don’t know why, but I think the mugs are my favorite DA products…. though they do occasionally send you the wrong product, so watch out.

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Looks like I’ve got kind of a series going now. After resorting to my old Bamboo tablet (after unsuccessfully trying to get my Intuos to work without the stylus that came with it), and after dealing with all sorts of frustrating glitches while trying to draw w/o my usual 2-fingered drawing glove (at times it felt like a digital ghost was trying to take over the pic), I have another speedpaint (kinda–over 2 hours tho)/landscape/critter pic up. And here it is (click the picture to be linked to the pic and description on DeviantArt):

Late Sun Tomte Fox Dragon copy

Tomten again, and this time he and Herr Räv (Mr Fox) seem a bit more friendly. Not sure where Tomten’s faithful bunny steed went, though it looks like we might have a new ‘friend’ hidden in the picture to take his place…

After fiddling around not knowing what I would draw, it turned into a sort of sunset/late-night summer sun sort of a pic–not sure if it fits the bill of “capturing the spirit of Norse Mythology” for the art contest I posted about earlier, but if I don’t manage to pull anything else together in time, I may just submit this. Or I may just let it be. I enjoy it well enough just on it’s own (though if I had more time, there is a lot I would like to clean up and polish in this picture… but that goes for all my pics).

For those who don’t know what a tomte is, well, Wikipedia gives a decent enough intro.  My portrayal is basically a combination of the portrayal in Astrid Lindgren’s picture book (based on the poem by Rydberg, though I can’t remember who the illustrator was) and the animated series David the Gnome from when I was a kid (though it came out at a time when I wasn’t watching cartoons so much any more). OK, David the Gnome isn’t Scandinavian, but the image was pretty close to how I’d seen Tomten portrayed as a child. I’m enjoying this series so far, even if the first pic and this latest one just started out as free-painting exercises rather than intentional entries in “a series.” Will plan on getting back to this more.  I’m putting all three below in the order they were painted. What do you think is happening in the pictures? What happens in-between the pictures, and what will happen next? Feel free to comment if you have ideas (I don’t get many comments!), though I do have to approve all comments before hand, so nothing mean or nasty please…

As always, click on the pics to go to the DeviantArt page for them, where you can see larger versions and also buy downloads (for REALLY cheap) or prints! Prints and cards also available on Redbubble, which is easier to buy from. I’m currently an unemployed mythologist (again!), so feel free to help me out here!


God Jul 2012 Winter Night

Late Sun Tomte Fox Dragon copy

And if you just can’t get enough of Tomten and don’t mind hastily drawn scribbles, here are some exercises from tests and homework that I gave Fall semester at Gustavus–I usually could barely fit them in, which is why they are a pretty sloppy, as well as why I didn’t do that this past spring semester–but I wish I could have spent some more time on this. Hopefully the poor quality of the pics didn’t cause too much trouble for my students…

From the final for my first semester beginning Swedish course, testing their classroom vocab as well as spatial prepositions.

From the final for my first semester beginning Swedish course, testing their classroom vocab as well as spatial prepositions.

I had really wanted to turn this into something more polished, but the end of Fall semester was just too crazy, and I ended up with this sloppy thing. Testing landscape vocabulary as well as spatial prepositions for my first semester intermediate Swedish course.

I had really wanted to turn this into something more polished, but the end of Fall semester was just too crazy, and I ended up with this sloppy thing. Testing landscape and occupational vocabulary as well as spatial prepositions for my first semester intermediate Swedish course.

Normally I try to flip a picture to its mirror image to double check whether it actually "works" or not--should have done that with some of these sketches.  Gr.  Anyway, this was an exercise in telling talking about what a person does during the day. Didn't even make it through an entire day, alas...

Normally I try to flip a picture to its mirror image to double check whether it actually “works” or not–should have done that with some of these sketches. Gr. Anyway, this was an exercise in telling talking about what a person does during the day. Didn’t even make it through an entire day, alas…

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