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Can’t help reblogging this interview w/ one of my favorite artists (of the last couple years), Pascal Campion. I also recommend Fishinkblog‘s Blog, which features various interesting artists from around the web. I’ve enjoyed checking out The Art of Animation tumblr for a year or two now for inspiration and pleasure, and am glad to have found another art blog to keep up with in Fish Ink. I’ve been collecting a few “favorite artists” to inspire me as I attempt (occasionally) to get my own artwork out there a bit more often. Eunjung June Kim is another artist I’ve discovered (much more recently) who, like Pascal Campion, seems to have a knack for capturing everyday moments, domestic bliss, cozy romantic scenes, etc–all things a sap like me can really enjoy. Been thinking about my own influences art-wise lately, so maybe one of these days I’ll get around to doing one of these influence maps. Anyway, enjoy, and fingers crossed that I’ll get around to more of my own artwork sometime soon (or barring that, maybe Pascal or Eunjung can start doing Viking pictures as well…).

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Pascal Campion is what I would call a keen observational illustrator.  He manages to not only capture an emotion so completely, but he also silently narrates the story behind the image to our subconscious at the same time.  Thus allowing us to bond with his images immediately and feel at one with what his characters are feeling. I contacted Pascal and asked a few searching questions, you can find his thoughtful and honest replies below.

What is your earliest memory, of an emotion ? 
That’s a good question… I remember a feeling of security as a young kid, I must’ve been about two or so… and everything felt warm and secure. I remember the night was starting to fall, it was warm inside, the TV was on, and I was having some cinammon cookies or some kind. More a feeling than an emotion I think, but that’s one of my earliest memories. Does…

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Dr of Viking StudiesI got interviewed by the friendly and thoroughly awesome people over at Paper Tape Magazine!!!! Whoohoo!  I believe this is my first interview (although I was supposed to be interviewed by one of our student tutors when I was a visiting professor at Gustavus… and I totally forgot about it). I hope I didn’t get too rambling for them–wrote my answers during a pretty stressful bit of the end of Spring semester. Anyway, check the interview out yourself and then check out a bunch of their other stories, essays, artwork, reviews, etc. I haven’t had time to read more than a few things, but I think you can take this original take on the Tooth Fairy, and this short essay on a pilgrimage to the Jewish quarter in Prague as representative of the magazine, and certainly very enjoyable in their own right. Looking forward to seeing this magazine keep growing in the future!

A quick edit for the interview which I forgot to send their way–I say “saga authors” in my answer to one of the questions, but of course, we can’t speak of an “author” in the same way we are accustomed to in our “print culture.” The exact nature of the balance between oral sources, other literary sources, and the personal contribution of any one (or several) personalities in the creation of any particular saga is an open question–unfortunately, I seem to have a habit of defaulting to the term “author” when I’m speaking off-hand…

Oh, and the interview was a couple months back, so a bit out of date re: my art–I’ve been able to get a couple more pictures up on DA now, and while I’ve put off my “saga scenes” idea, I do seem to have the beginnings of a series of Tomte/Fox pictures, as I mention in this post. Will hopefully come back to that again soon.

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