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VitsipporOK, yes, I’m going to buy into the crass commercialism of the season and note that, not only do I have a store up at Redbubble now, where you can buy tshirt, sweaters, prints, cards, ipad covers and phone covers, but DeviantArt has a 25% off sale at the Prints Shop this weekend! I’m slowly trying to pull my online store(s) together into a more professional online presence (looking into advertising at the moment… we’ll see if I take the leap), but I thought I would at least let you all know. My prices at Redbubble are mostly on the low side right now, meaning I am only getting 10 or 15% of the price on a few of the pieces–I may have to raise them eventually, but if things go well I will try to find some other venue which will let me get a higher % and sell at lower prices. And don’t forget my store here on the blog, with links to all these places.

So, summary of what is new:

Redbubble store

Tumblr sketch blog

Sale at DeviantArt (this weekend only)

Mist Valkyria Black BackdropAt the moment I am most excited about this piece, hopefully the first of a series of black-dress tuff-grrl Valkyries–so be sure to get your copy! Clothes, i-stuff accessories, cards, posters, whatever!

Oh, and happy Thxgiving…

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