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Thanksgiving 2013 Sketch copy

Then they showed them how to bury lutfisk when you plant your crops, and this is why we give thanks even today to Odin and Thor that we finally have a practical use for cod soaked in lye.

OK, so Vinland is probably not in Massachusetts, and no, the Vikings did not stay long-term in North America. Sure, they were in Greenland for half a millennium, but that was about the limit of a sustainable, fully-Norse-culture settlement, even if it looks like they did travel regularly to N America from Greenland (long after the trips in the Vinland sagas) to get lumber (but no, they did not travel to MN and set up runestones, sorry). Anyway, sorry the native american and the pilgrim in this picture are not in especially well researched authentic clothing–only time for a quick sketch right now, and I just wanted to hit on the funny point, meaning, the exaggeration of the typical Scandinavian-American tendency to celebrate the fact that the Vikings were in North America 500 years before anyone else… um, wait, before any other European (although I am told that Basque fishermen had been fishing of the coast of North America long before). And of course, we have our representative of the first nations (sorry again for the caricature…) looking on wondering what the fuss is all about…

Pic is also up on tumblr and on my deviantart account.

And of course, don’t forget my previous Vikings-In-America cartoon, available in a few formats from DeviantArt, and also as a postcard from Redbubble. [Edit–sorry, doesn’t seem to be a big enough file to sell on Redbubble–that’s what I get for drawing it on my iPad I guess. You can view it there anyway.]

Vikings Bring Milk to America

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